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Caux Collective Redirects: IBM Billboards

Through their ‘Smarter Cities’ project, American technology company IBM have sought to create innovative solutions to common problems, with the hope of improving the standard of every day living in cities, helping their residents become ‘smarter’. In order to spark the creative process into action, IBM turned to communications and advertising specialists Ogilvy to produce a set of outdoor advertising with a purpose.

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(Source: mmlxiii)

  • The main design feature of the concept is that the car is divided to lower and upper body with a very powerful line which goes around the body, this line gives the pointy and aggressive look to the car and also it seem like that upper part is reflected on the lower part.
    The transparent “see trough” upper body part with clean surfaces, sharp breaks and crystalline volume in contrast with the muscular and athletic form in lower part and a powerful heart underneath resembles a gentleman with athletic body wearing toxido.

Some photos I took with my sony RX100 the other day. No editing done whatsoever 


Innovation at its finest


Twelve everyday products as they have evolved throughout the last 100 years or so.